Umnqophiso After Care Centre

After Care Centre

The After Care Centre was opened in 1999 because, as a result of parents working or looking for jobs all day, most children don’t have anyone to look after them after school or help them with their homework. In addition, many parents feel that they aren’t able to help their children with their school work because the curriculum has changed, or they didn’t attend school themselves. Over and above assisting with homework, the centre also teaches the children life skills in a relaxed environment. These skills include handiwork, drawings and dance and music. The centre runs from 1pm-5pm, and is open to all Umnqophiso Pre-Primary School pupils and grade 1 to 3 children (mostly from the nearby Umnqophiso Primary School). The centre is supervised by trainee teachers and can accommodate up to 50 children. A subsidy is received from the Department of Social Development in respect of children whose parents’ income is below a certain threshold. Parents are charged a small amount for use of the Centre (R20 per month per child in 2015).